Praise the Father, Praise the Son, Praise the Holy Spirit

“Praise the Father that all the nations He has made will come and worship before Him; they will bring glory to His name.  (Ps. 86:9)zechariah46

“Praise the Son that it is in His name that the nations will put their hope.” (Matt. 12:21)

“Praise the Spirit that we do not go out in our own might or our own power, but by the power of the Spirit Himself.” (Zechariah 4:6)

Prayer is the Mid-wife

It had been a long day.  At 5:40 pm we had turned everything off in the Upper Room (prayer room).  We had gathered the trash, turned off computers and were ready to go home to eat and rest.  The gate bell rang loudly.  Dale looked out and saw a young couple standing there.  He opened the gate and invited them in.  They were from South Africa, pastors in charge of the prayer ministry in a large mega-church.  They were instructed to see the Jerusalem Prayer Center.  

The young man shared that in a recent conference in a M.E. country there was a consensus that there is a revival that is being pulled and birthed by prayer.  Prayer leaders from across the area shared that prayer is the mid-wife bringing many people to faith in Jesus.  There is spiritual renewal in many M.E. countries.  

In a Syrian refugee camp refugees were flocking to a Christian woman.  They told her that they were seeking truth and asked for copies of the Gospels where it could be found.

An old pastor from a strategic city in the region had moved with his wife to Australia to be with their daughter.  After a while God told him he had to return to his old home.  Shortly after he returned, he was called to the Prime Minister’s palace where he was asked to pray for him.  This faithful pastor had been called back for such a time as this.

How thankful we were that Dale opened the gate at closing time so that this good news could come in!

Yes, these are dark, confusing, frustrating days.  But our Father is on His throne!  

Upper Room Encounters

We have two calendars in the prayer room which list Chinese cities or people groups for whom to pray.  Each day we flip the pages to correspond with the present date.  Bob who works with us suggested to a young visitor from China that he look through the calendar to see if he might find his city.  Guess what city was featured that day?  Yes, his very own city!  His family lives near that very town.  What a sweet gift that man received from the Lord!

A lady from Finland said with tears, “The Upper room is what I have been looking for ever since I was saved.”

A man from England shared as he left, “I had an overhaul here today.”

Another man wrote sharing how he had always wanted to be able to be open and honest in his prayers to God, but had not felt he had the proper words to pray as he desired.  The man shared that in the silence of the prayer room, as he read the Scriptures, God gave him the words he had always sought.  He was overwhelmed with being able to share his true feelings with God for the first time in his life!


One visitor wrote about the prayer center, “It is an oasis at the crossroads . . . a strategic place of prayer.”  A crossroads is a junction between four roads.  We have welcomed people from the East, West, North and South.  In the last two years we have received over 9,000 intercessors from 70 different countries.  God is answering their prayers.

So, we are sounding the trumpet – a call to prayer for Israel and the Middle East.  Nehemiah speaks to our hearts as he positions his people for work and guard duty:  “Then I explained to the nobles and officials and all the people, ‘The work is very spread out, and we are widely separated from each other along the wall.  When you hear the blast of the trumpet, rush to wherever it is sounding.  Then our God will fight for us!”  (Nehemiah 4:19 NLT)  

Yes, we agree, the news coming out of Israel and the M.E. is heart breaking.  But, we wish to convey to you that God is bringing many people to faith in Jesus all across the area.  The harvest is plentiful!!  

May God richly bless you and your families, as you celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus the Messiah.

Dale and Anita

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