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In March of 2020, the JPC furnishings were carefully packed away and the doors were closed in preparation for an anticipated three months of major renovations. There was structural damage to the guest kitchen ceiling & walls due to water leaks, and the tile roof, largely original from 1890(!) had to be replaced. And then the pandemic hit and, as the house sat waiting, the repair job grew even larger. After the lengthy delays, the work finally began…and took seven months to finish.

The tile roof of the main building and the roof of the adjacent cottage were both replaced. Major plumbing repairs were necessary both inside and out. Several ceilings were replaced, including in the guest kitchen after the water damage was repaired. New electrical channels were carved in the Upper Room floor, and then new carpet laid. The interior of the JPC and the cottage both got fresh coats of paint. The garden flagstone path grout work was completed. A new garden storage shed was built. In all, there was a tremendous amount of work done inside the buildings and outside in the gardens! Along the way, there were a lot of three steps forward, two steps back moments- with some crazy thrown in on the side! At the end of all the repairs, the JPC furnishings were lovingly put back in their places, and in late October 2022, the JPC doors were opened once again for guests to come to pray. We thank the Lord for all who helped with the renovations and for all who gave financially to cover the costs.

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Nablus Rd 76, Jerusalem


Phone : +972-02-626-1439

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10:00 - 17:00

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Closed on Sunday

* Ring the bell inside the right edge of the font gate

2023/2024 Calendar

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22 March - CLOSED
29 March - CLOSED
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