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In The Gardens

The Jerusalem Prayer Center gardens are lovely once again! Since re-opening, and as guests have begun to return to pray…After time spent in the Upper Room, many will make their way out into the gardens. As the prayer center welcomes guests from all over the world, it is truly a beautiful thing to see guests utilizing the prayer space of the JPC Continent Walk, standing in front of their own continent tile, crying out and lifting up their nation to the One made a way for all people from every tribe and tongue and nation to be reconciled to the God who made them.

Others make their way into the Deuteronomy 8:8 back garden, searching out and marveling at the fig and pomegranate trees, the date palms, grape vines and troughs of wheat. In the Fall, when the temperatures drop, barley will be planted again. Along with the 7 Species, there are also almond trees and a lemon tree. Jasmine and roses and Seville orange trees scent the air, each in its season. One of the JPC ministry team will walk with guests, explaining the garden, pointing out directions and needs for prayer. Some will sit by the waterfall and pray through the Scripture verse on the wall before them.

Recently, a large group visited. It was the end of this group’s in-country tour, and the group was worn out from “running where Jesus walked.” One man made his way out to a comfortable spot, sitting and praying, in front of the Isaiah 53:6-7 and John 1:29 tile, bordered by scarlet bougainvillea. As the director, wandering among the guests, stopped to talk with him briefly, this guest said, as if letting out a deep breath and fighting back tears, “this is just what I needed.” Many tours have been finishing their trip at the JPC, giving guests an opportunity to stop and be still, and to reflect on what they have seen and heard, and to spend time meeting with the Lord in prayer.


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Nablus Rd 76, Jerusalem


Phone : +972-02-626-1439

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2023/2024 Calendar

15 March – ClOSED
22 March – CLOSED
29 March -CLOSED
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