“Be still and know that I Am God”

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 9.27.07 AMLife in Jerusalem is a bit calmer now that all the main Muslim and Jewish holidays are over. Yes, Hanukkah is coming up soon, not to mention Thanksgiving and Christmas! Life has returned to more routine days. However, we are still gratefully surprised at the unexpected Israeli visitors.

Photo of JPC Garden

One new tour guide came alone two different times and literally “interrogated” our staff as to what we “do” with visitors. One question was, “Do you try to convert Jews?” The quick reply was, “No, we don’t. Only God can do that.” All his questions made us a bit anxious about his reason for coming. Recently he returned with 23 members of his family! They left with smiles and thanks and promises to return.

Ladies’ Bible Study

The main thrust of this newsletter is going to be asking for prayer for the ladies in the Wednesday morning Bible Study. In October of 2008 a Ladies’ Bible Study began meeting here at JPC.

Today we have about 10 ladies coming. Some are from Messianic background. This is a very serious group of women who love to dig deeply in the word. For example, we spent eight months studying the book of Daniel! In January we will tackle Deuteronomy. Dale fears we will be studying this book until the Lord returns! Some do their homework in English, Hebrew and one often does hers in Greek and Aramaic as well!! Yeah, I just hang on with the skin of my teeth!!

But, I do want to ask for your prayers for them. I choose to not share their names. Several have real physical needs, some financial needs, and others need prayer for their children who suffer because of their faith. Disturbing marital issues also rob one of health, peace and direction. This Wednesday, November 13 we are having a prayer retreat.

Please pray that:

  •   All will get to know our Father in deeper ways as we sit quietly before Him.
  •   All will receive:
    1. Strength and health
    2. Refuge – a hiding place in Him
    3. A word of instruction that will give purpose and direction
    4. Renewed courage and wisdom
    5. Satisfaction (completeness in Him)
    6. Prosperity by obeying God’s word

    As the Lord calls them to mind, please continue to lift them up to the Father. Each one is a beautiful shinning light honoring the Lord. Thank you so much.

    One of the ladies in the Bible Study (a Messianic) each year prepares 100 beautiful Christmas baskets to give to the major religious group in the Middle East who are believers. These are made for children with a children’s bible in their language, hand-made coloring books in their language, a toy, candy, etc., all wrapped in cellophane and ribbons – bright.

    This year she has it in her heart to give them to Syrian refugees. Please pray that we will find a God-directed avenue for doing this.

    You may be wondering how you might be supportive of ministry among Syrian refugees, in addition to your prayers. We have found that Baptist Global Response (BGR) is engaged in an active and effective program of food and medical assistance among the refugees in the countries around Syria. You can learn of their activities and donate to their work at www.GOBGR.ORG. All of your gifts will be used to assist the refugee. Administrative costs are covered by gifts through their sponsoring churches. They report that a gift of only $50 will feed a family for one month.

    As we close this newsletter, our heart’s desire for each of you is that you too will have the opportunity to take a “time out” and “Be still and know that I Am God” found in Psalm 46:10. The meaning in Hebrew is so vivid. “Be still” has the meaning of “drop your hands.” May we all be ready to drop our hands – let go of everything and let Him fill us.

    We wish you a heart full of thanksgiving as we prepare to celebrate a favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. To our sadness, we will not be able to celebrate with son John and daughter Karen and their families. We are so very thankful for them and our six children and one little great-granddaughter.

    Blessings from Jerusalem, Dale & Anita

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