General Information

Jerusalem Prayer Center from RightFor more information, or to schedule a visit for your group, please write or phone:


Phone: +972(0)2-626-1439   or   +972(0)58-450-0596

Hours:  10am – 6pm daily  (Closed on Sunday)

Winter Hours: Closes at 5 p.m. daily except by appointment

Location of the Jerusalem Prayer Center:

76 Nablus Road (Derech Shechem); Jerusalem, Israel

The Jerusalem Prayer Center is located at 76 Nablus Road on the north side of the Old City. Going away from Damascus Gate and the Old City you will pass the Garden Tomb on the right and then continue past the Legacy Hotel, the British Council, and The Church of the Nazarene on the left side of the road before you reach us. We are across the street from the St. George’s Anglican High School.

Hotels within 2 blocks of the Jerusalem Prayer Center:
  • Legacy Hotel
  • Olive Tree Hotel
  • Leonardo Hotel
  • Grand Court Hotel
  • Addar Hotel
  • American Colony Hotel
  • St. George’s Pilgrim Guesthouse

Entry is free of charge

To enter:  ring the bell inside the right edge of the gate.

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