Prayer Retreats & Experiences

Retreats & Experiences

Prayer Retreats

Groups come regularly to the Jerusalem Prayer Center for a time of group prayer retreat.

Chinaberry TreeA group of local women celebrated International Women’s Day by having a half-day Ladies Prayer Retreat.  They spent time in silent, independent prayer upstairs in the Interactive Prayer Room, then shared a light lunch on the covered patio.  Their leader ended lunch with a lesson about women throughout the Bible, and a time of corporate prayer before they left to pick up their children from school.

A group from Asia used the Prayer Chapel for several hours of joint worship and prayer, interceding for the people of Jerusalem.

The leader of a Christian student group comes each year for a day of independent, silent prayer and fasting.  The students spread out throughout the property – in the building and out in the gardens – using a guide that this leader develops each year.


Prayer Experiences

Experiences such as Challah bread baking, allow groups or families to pray in unexpected ways.  Each ingredient in the making of the bread becomes a prayer prompt as participants pray for their family members.Challa bread Prayers


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