Prayer Spaces

Prayer Spaces of the Jerusalem Prayer Center

The Jerusalem Prayer Center is made up of several special places intended to enhance a believer’s ability to pray.  For most, the Interactive Prayer Room is the place where they feel closest to God.  People often comment that they feel the prayers that have filled that room, as soon as they enter.  The quiet and calm in the room make it easy to listen to God.

For some they never make it past the landing on the stairs.  Windows look out the back towards a large Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community.  The side windows give view of a Muslim boys’ school.  The front shows an Anglican high school.  It is a spot that calls believers to pray for the people of Jerusalem.Landing

Occasionally someone says that they want to just stay in the Prayer Chapel, to pray before the Harvest mural, painted by Pamela Suran.

Some head straight to the kitchen (also known as the Gathering Room) where prayers with staff are lifted while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee.

And for some, the gardens beckon them.

We invite you to let the Lord lead you to your particular Prayer Space.